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Stormont Agreement a “useful exchange” after 25 Years?

Dia Ghuit Friends of Eire Nua and a 32-county sovereign, free, and democratic, socialist republic:

Ten days in April, celebrating 25 years of the Stormont Agreement, original signers, original guarantors, 100 percenters, and dysfunctioning executives of an intransient six county government assembly.

This is our May audio-cast from Dublin. It includes comments on the Stormont Agreement, how the agreement has contibuted to reunification, the Eire Nua (New Ireland) proposal in today’s political environment and the homeless population and current eviction policies. Our guest is Diamuid MacDubhghlais, from Finglas, Dublin, and executive officer of Republican Sinn Fein. This episode is worth listening.

The audio is soft. It is suggested to keep the volume low and use earbuds or headset for best hearing

Developed by Tomas Coisdealba


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